101 Reasons Why I’m Crazy

35. I see the best in people.

Photo Credit: UnSplash/Genessa-Panainte
  1. I don’t fit in, I never will.

  2. I didn’t change for you.

  3. I follow my heart.

  4. I bottle-up my feelings.

  5. I’m so impatient.

  6. I believe in second chances.

  7. I don’t know when to let go.

  8. I don’t know how to give-up.

  9. I lose myself in the people I love.

  10. I let the things I love destroy me.

  11. I live in the moment but I still worry about the future.

  12. I see right through people’s bullshit and I let it slide.

  13. I’m attracted to people who are basically bad news.

  14. I believe love can save the world.

  15. I believe in numbers, magic and energy.

  16. I mostly see things before they happen and still get hurt when they do.

  17. I don’t listen when people warn me.

  18. I like to experience things on my own instead.

  19. I’ve never been in a relationship.

  20. I don’t have a lot of insecurities.

  21. I’m confident about the person I am.

  22. I don’t care for what others think or say of me.

  23. I’m always there for people when they need me.

  24. I let people take me for granted.

  25. I don’t make a big deal about where I come from.

  26. I don’t believe in religion.

  27. I hate politics.

  28. I cry when something gets to me.

  29. Anything can get to me like kindness or some meaningful gesture.

  30. I feel bad for bullies and assholes.

  31. When I get mad, I become someone else.

  32. I love deeply.

  33. I’m loyal to those who haven’t earned it, who aren’t worth it.

  34. I fall even deeper.

  35. I see the best in people.

  36. Sometimes I forget all I have been through.

  37. I also tend to forget how far I’ve come.

  38. I take my time with moving forward in my life.

  39. Because when I’m over something, I am over it forever.

  40. I like spending time with myself than with people.

  41. I’m nice to people I don’t like.

  42. I’m respectful to people I don’t respect.

  43. I over-think.

  44. I don’t care about money.

  45. I believe in the power of the people.

  46. I hate it when people lie.

  47. I hate it when people pretend to be someone they’re not.

  48. I can eat ice-cream and frozen yogurt any time of the day all four seasons.

  49. I don’t compare myself to other people.

  50. I don’t get jealous.

  51. I’m often misunderstood.

  52. I watch tv shows instead of the news.

  53. I don’t like social media.

  54. I want to live somewhere good.

  55. I want to wake-up to the sound of the beach.

  56. I want to listen to Latin music in the morning.

  57. I want to have exciting, fun breakfast.

  58. I want to have a fit body without working for it.

  59. I don’t want fame.

  60. I’ll do anything for love.

  61. I adore kids but I don’t want to have them.

  62. I never want to go back home.

  63. I want to have a dog but I don’t want to own it.

  64. I’m not a fan of jewelry.

  65. I’m obsessed with music videos.

  66. I don’t believe in governments.

  67. I think life is beautiful.

  68. I want to make the world a better place before I die.

  69. I’ve never physically harmed myself.

  70. I don’t take anti-depressants.

  71. I care a lot.

  72. I care about the world.

  73. I take friendships seriously.

  74. I feel sad most of the time about things I can’t change.

  75. I wonder how different my life would have been if I was born in a country of opportunities.

  76. I’ll never cheat on someone.

  77. I don’t see myself settled down.

  78. I don’t date someone I don’t see potential with.

  79. I play bad cop when it comes to certain situations.

  80. I tell people I love them first. I tell people what they mean to me too soon.

  81. I like to match people with each other and I do a terrible job at it.

  82. I want to dance my nights along.

  83. I think bad things happen for a reason.

  84. I don’t understand why people leave and why they all of the sudden become strangers.

  85. I’m not afraid of the darkness. I’m afraid of the light because it can be nothing but an illusion.

  86. I trust my instinct over anything.

  87. I’m not afraid to live, I’m afraid to die too soon.

  88. I love unicorns.

  89. I rarely take selfies of myself.

  90. I don’t wear make-up well. I don’t know how to use it much.

  91. I think sex is our token to heaven.

  92. I love flying but I’m terrified of heights.

  93. I think society is the source of all misery.

  94. I don’t believe in medicine much.

  95. I’m not afraid to live, I’m afraid to die too soon.

  96. I love life no matter what.

  97. I’ll never stop believing.

  98. I’ll become all the people I want, the people I’m meant to be.

  99. I’ll go to all of the places I’ve always imagined.

  100. I’ll always grow but I’ll never change on the inside.

  101. I just wanna be happy.

Author: Farah Ayaad

An Arab at heart. A buddhist in the making. A unicorn wannabe. Farah’s an Aries who’s obsessed with TV shows and ice-cream. Annoyingly passionate about finding real love, fighting for justice and challenging the status quo. Farah writes personal yet relatable pieces on growing-up, bravery and vulnerability, immigration, mental health, self-discovery and self-love. Farah aspires to make the world a kinder place by lending a helping hand one piece at a time.

One thought on “101 Reasons Why I’m Crazy”

  1. Brilliant. We have quite a number of items in common. You need to include one more to make 101 because you repeated “I’m not afraid to live, I’m afraid to die too soon.”

    Also please have a look at my blog and follow me if you like.


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