Where I’ll Be, 5 Years From Now..

I see myself with people who see me.

Photo Credit: UnSplash/Yoann-Boyer

By the beach.

5 years from now, I’ll be living by the beach. I’ll have a golden retriever who I occasionally go on walks with, maybe a run or two every week. I’ll surf like a pro. And it will be one of my to go to hobbies. I’ll read by the beach. I’ll swim at the beach. I’ll meditate by the beach. I’ll go on dates by the beach. Heck, I’ll dance by the beach.

With you.

5 years from now, I see myself with you. The man of my dreams. My forever person. The one for me. I see myself married to you. And I see us in the most beautiful home we could’ve ever imagined. I see us as a family, as a dream come true. I see emotional security just as much as I see the financial one. I feel safe just thinking about that place. The place where I am finally home. Where the sun never fades and the moon is brighter than ever.

At the top.

5 years from now, I see myself where I deserve to be. I see myself some place magical. I see myself way up high among the brightest stars. I see myself with a published poetry book. I see myself with the body I’ve always dreamed of. I see myself wearing clothes that resemble me. I see myself with people who see me. The ones who admire me, adore me, but most importantly, love and accept me for who I am. I see myself doing the kind of shit I like. Dancing. Travelling. Connecting with people. Discovering. Exploring. Making Mistakes. Living the moment.

On the edge of glory.

5 years from now, I see myself stargazing. I see myself exactly where I have always wanted to be. I see myself as a daughter, a best-friend, a wife. I see myself as someone’s role model or companion. An inspiration. A story worth-telling. A dream come true.

I’ll see you soon.

Author: Farah Ayaad

An Arab at heart. A buddhist in the making. A unicorn wannabe. Farah’s an Aries who’s obsessed with TV shows and ice-cream. Annoyingly passionate about finding real love, fighting for justice and challenging the status quo. Farah writes personal yet relatable pieces on growing-up, bravery and vulnerability, immigration, mental health, self-discovery and self-love. Farah aspires to make the world a kinder place by lending a helping hand one piece at a time.

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