You’re not my bestie if I can’t talk to you about the things that are going on in my life. If I can’t vent to you about what’s been bothering me. If I can’t share with you what has been weighting on my heart. You have no idea how I am feeling right-now. Just like you have no idea how much I need you, how much I miss you and how distant I feel from you.

You’re not my bestie because you don’t follow-up with what I am up to. You don’t read my work. You don’t know how my new job is going. You don’t know what I am planning for the future and where I am going to be a few months from now. You don’t ask about my love life. You don’t check on how my heart is doing.

You’re not my bestie because you don’t make time for me. You don’t answer my text although you are online. You don’t snap me back although your snap story refreshes every couple of minutes. And I cannot remember the last time we spoke over the phone or the last time we’ve seen each other. You leave me waiting hours, days and months for your attention.

Like your attention is something I must earn. And like your love is something I must be worthy of. 

You’re not my bestie because you don’t support me. You don’t remind me that it’s going to be okay. You don’t tell me that I can conquer the world. You don’t listen to me, you just assume. And your words cut deep, your silence cuts deeper. You’re not my bestie because I don’t trust you. I don’t believe your excuses because we chase after the things we want. I don’t believe how busy you are because we make time for those who matter.

You’re not my bestie because you don’t know me anymore. And honestly, I don’t know you anymore either. I guess we are strangers more than we are friends.

Photo Credit: UnSplash/jeremy-bishop