I’m Choosing My Brain Over Following My Heart

Photo Credit: UnSplash/Aziz-Acharki

All my life, I have prioritized love over everything. I lived by the “family comes first” mantra. And for the longest time ever, I believed that if you’ve got love, you’ve got everything.

Then, life happened. Heartbreak happened. And so did disappointment.

My heart sees the best in people. It believes in second chances and it believes in people even if they don’t believe in themselves. My heart falls for the wrong people over and over again. My heart, it loves too much. It loves the ugly, the twisted, the flawed and the damaged. My heart sees through people’s pain and it feels for them like its own. My heart is vulnerable,

My brain sees people for who they really are. It predicts people’s behaviors and it sees things before they happen. My brain knows the right thing to do. My brain, it thinks too much. It thinks deeply and it cares about the little things. My brain recognizes broken patterns and empty promises. My brain knows when something is not meant to be.My brain always knows that I deserve better. And that I will always want more.

My heart is golden, but my brain is priceless. 

If I keep following my heart, I will be falling for the same crap over and over again. If I keep listening to what my heart tells me, I will set myself up for failure. If I prioritize my heart over my brain, I will be unconsciously settling. If I continue to choose my heart instead of my brain, slowly but surly, I will lose myself. I will lose everything that I have ever believed in. And that’s why I am changing.


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