This Is My Addiction And I’m Proud



spotify-gif---oliver-keane (1).gif

This thing changed my life. First of all, Spotify introduced me to Despacito when it first came out, like before the whole world knew about it. Spotify helped me connect to the diva inside of me because it connected me to old songs that I identified with and new ones that I cannot get enough of. Needless to say, it offers personalized playlists and access to my favorite podcasts of all time. I listen to Spotify when I wake-up, before I go to sleep, at work, while I am driving, at the gym and anywhere I have an internet connection to be honest. If there’s anything I would be excited for on a Friday, it would be checking out new releases!

TV Shows 

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TV shows complete my life. I am always hunting for new TV shows because I need to be watching something, or else, I’ll go crazy. I would love to know your recommendation, comment them below! Here are some of the many that make me happy, inspire me to be better and allow me to heal:

Jane The Virgin, Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, The Good Place, SuperStore, One Day At A Time, The Mick, Younger, How To Get Away with Murder, Chicago P.D., Hart of Dixie, One Tree Hill, Devious Maids, Rookie Blue, Rosewood, Queen of the South, The Good Fight, America’s Got Talent, The Affair.



Nutella got me through the most difficult times of my life. In other words, Nutella is life. I eat Nutella so much that I got my mum addicted to it too. My Nutella goes with everything. I am addicted to Nutella that if I go days not staying at home, I have the urge to buy one and keep it on me, just in-case. I even eat Nutella after busting my butt off at the gym. I mean, that’s a given, isn’t it?

Thought Catalog 


I cannot imagine a life without TC in it. And that’s statement of pure addiction right there. My addiction to TC goes back to when I used to read pieces published on the website non-stop. It was and still is one of my get away places. I’m addicted to being a contributor writer at TC and I’m addicted to checking how my pieces are doing. I’m also addicted to the TCWN on Facebook because how can you not? TC Weekly Newsletter because it gives inside look to staff writers, writing advice and a platform for self-reflection. There’s Quote Catalog Google Chrome Extension which generates a beautiful quote macro every time a new tab is opened.  Make sure you add this awesome feature to your daily routine because it’s worth it. I have recently became addicted to reading books published by TC. And last but not least, TC just introduced Collective World which allows contributors to directly submit their work, personally edit their writer’s page and on top of all that, feedback from producers are now available. To me, TC is the one place I get to be my best self and it’s where I feel the most alive. And no, this was not sponsored by TC, LOL.

Almost Relationships 


I am so addicted to being in love with men who cannot love me back. I fall in love with emotionally unavailable men and commitment phobes. I’m addicted to being head over heels for men who aren’t liked by those who are important to me. I’m so addicted to almost settling down, almost being seen, almost being ‘the one’.

Talking to My Best Friend


My bestie and I have our own way of staying in touch because long distance is still a thing. Our conversations are painfully funny, intensely deep and straight-up honest. Talking to her is like talking to a therapist. I cannot be any more addicted to our endless conversations about the same thing. She really does get me through the day, every day. She makes me feel understood, validated and not insane.

My Mum 


My mum is one of the best people alive. She’s the whole package and a 100% more! She’s so brilliant in her words, jokes and insults. Her passion for life shines right through. Her laugh is contagious and so is her love. I’m just addicted to her basically. A blessing that’s too good that it becomes an addiction. My mum is the reason my life is beautiful. And she’s the one addiction who can make it perfect. Plus, she’s a magnificent cook. I mean, wouldn’t you be addicted as well?


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